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Talk: Cloud Storage (Windows Azure Blob and Amazon S3) – Boston Azure User Group

July 1, 2013

On June 27, I had the privilege of speaking at the Boston Azure User Group in Boston, MA. The topic covered a in-depth discussion of Azure Blob Storage and Amazon S3.  It was an very interactive session with lots of great questions from the attendees.  The topics that we covered

  • Storage
    • Overview
    • Azure Blob Storage
    • Amazon S3
    • Comparing Azure Blob and Amazon S3
    • Benchmark comparisons for performance, stability, and scalability
  • CDN
  • Shared Access Signature
  • Best Practice
  • Resource

Click here to download the power point presentation.

click here to download the sample project

Please note you need to set the keys in config file prior to executing the samples.  I also removed .PEM and KEY file for signing amazon URL.  You can create your own files and change the code to use your PEM and KEY file for signing URLs.




Cloud Storage (Azure Blob and Amazon S3)

April 19, 2012

Today @NHDN Cloud Computing User group meeting @ Daniel Webster College (DWC) Nashua, we talked all about the cloud storage.  Talk includes the overview of cloud storage including Azure Blob and Amazon S3.  Blob storage, Azure Drive and S3 using REST and API.

You can download the presentation here

download the sample source here